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Holli/Eden | she/they | digital artist/animator

Information on TOS, socials, and other important info.


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About Me

Basic information about me and the studio!

General Info

  • I prefer to be called Holli, but I answer to Eden as well

  • I struggle with social anxiety

  • I will not post my triggers publicly

  • I am LGBTQ+

  • Tone tags are appreciated! (mainly for jokes)


  • Original Universes (Dream Realms, At The End, Space Entities)

  • Animations

  • Art

  • Poetry (sometimes, I don't do this as much anymore)


  • Space/astronomy

  • Moon Knight

  • Horror/found footage content

  • Unfiction storytelling

  • Ancient entities/gods

  • Urban legends

  • Art/animation

  • Theatre


  • Are homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, ableist, etc. I do not tolerate any form of hate or discrimination

  • Use slurs that aren't yours to use

  • Refuse to respect people's pronouns or identities

  • Support problematic people

  • Support zoophiles or are a zoophile

  • Are under the age of 13 (my content is 13+) (NOTE: this may change in the future, depending on the direction my content takes)


  • Don't ask extremely personal questions about me or anybody else.

  • Don't compare me to other artists or say "Your art looks like _____!"

  • Don't DM me or share personal information if you're under 13. I'd prefer if you waited until you're 13 or older to look at my content.

  • Don't send me any NSFW. I'm not comfortable looking at that.

  • Don't spam.

  • Do not mention religious topics to me. Do not compare my art to religion unless I have stated that the concept was inspired by my own religious experience.

  • Follow my terms of service.

  • Do not ask for my triggers. I will not share them publicly.

  • Ask to DM me.

Terms of Service

You Can:

  • Share my posts on your Instagram story

  • Reference my art/animations

  • Make fanart of my characters or my sonas

  • Use my art/animations as inspiration (but do not directly copy or steal)

Do Not:

  • Heavily reference/trace my art/animations

  • Repost my content without permission/credit

  • Steal my OCs

  • Repost my content and claim it's your own

  • Create NSFW with ANY of my characters

  • Add my animations into compilations

  • Steal my ideas

  • Attempt to buy or trade my characters. They are not for sale and not open for trade. Do not ask about this.

Art Status

  • Commissions - closed

  • Requests - mutuals/friends only

  • Collaborations - friends only