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Information on the Dream Realms creators, TOS, socials, and other important info.




  • The Dream Realms (original universe)

  • Spoken Word Poetry

  • Animations

  • Art

  • An untitled universe (possible comic?)

Please do not ask personal questions. I will not feel comfortable answering them.

Quick Info

  • Sometimes, it takes me a bit to respond or interact with people. Please be patient! I'm slowly getting better at interacting with people.

  • If you wish to give criticism on my content, please make it constructive! Have a genuine reason to help me improve!

  • If I do something that I didn't realize was offensive or hurting people, don't be afraid to let me know! I'd rather you let me know about something I said so that I can stop saying it

  • Tone tags are appreciated!

DNI (do not interact)

  • Are homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, ableist, etc. I do not tolerate any form of hate or discrimination

  • Use slurs that aren't yours to use

  • Refuse to respect people's pronouns or identities

  • Support problematic people

  • Support bi/pan lesbians

  • Support zoophiles or are a zoophile


  • Please don't ask extremely personal questions about me or anybody else

  • Don't compare me to other artists or say "Your art looks like _____!"

  • Don't DM me or share personal information if you're under 13. I'd prefer if you waited until you're 13 or older to look at my content

  • Please don't send me any NSFW. I'm not comfortable looking at that

  • Don't spam

  • Do not mention religious topics to me. Do not compare my art to religion unless I have stated that the concept was inspired by my own religious experience.

  • Do not bring up/compare my art to creepypasta. Most of that content makes me very uncomfortable and can cause me to spiral a bit. I am ok with horror content, but I do not want to be around most creepypasta content.

Terms of Service

You Can:

  • Share my posts on your Instagram story

  • Reference my art/animations

  • Make fanart of my characters or my persona

  • Write fanfics of my original stories

  • Share my poetry (with credit/permission)

Please Don't:

  • Trace my art/animations

  • Repost my content without permission/credit

  • Steal my OCs

  • Repost my content and claim it's your own

  • Create NSFW with ANY of my characters

  • Add my animations into compilations

  • Steal my ideas

  • Attempt to buy or trade my characters. They are not for sale and not open for trade. Please do not ask about this.

Dream Realms Creators

Holli / Eden
main creatorI am the one who runs all the social media accounts. I've been working on the Dream Realms for a few years now, and I'm developing a separate, unrelated story on the side!With the Dream Realms, I've created most of the characters, story, settings, lore, etc. I am the only one writing the book and creating the content right now.My socials are listed on the main page!

Rye / Vanitas
creator of Lola and KinokoRye created Lola, Lola's brother Neptune and Lola's mother Monarch. They named Lola's kingdom Kinoko.Their socials are listed below! Go support them, they've got really cool art and stories of their own! They deserve the support.